Get to know me..

Hey! My name is Brooke, I’m going to get to the ME and the WHY. You landed on the about me and I’m sure you don’t want fluff. I am a no fluff woman.

I have red dirt under my nails & salt in my hair. I am a gypsy by nature, a mother by choice and a photographer by passion. This isn't my side hustle, this is my art that's in my blood through generations of photographers in my family. I am an old school rock and roll lover, give me a country pub to vibe to any day.. 

Family and friendship is ingrained into my personal values and something that pours through my creativity. Capturing a flicker of time between souls, making the snippets timeless. When you book with me, it's an experience that you'll love and want to have time and time again. Documenting life is such an honour and a privilege!

The moment my hands felt an SLR it fit. I was 6 years old. The youngest sibling, meant that I did a lot of documenting. 

The grunge and Freo spirit hit hard in my teens and the camera was always there capturing the grime time. I moved to the country as a young adult where I felt a deep connection to the earth. I did my time in the Pilbara on the mines & worked in the country pub scene photographing events & bands. I've covered events for The Angels, Screaming Jets, Ash Grunwald, Matt Gresham, Ian Moss, Adam Brand just to name a few.

My aim is capturing special moments, the in between moments, the moments people wished they’d be able to relive time again. Like an old song. 

The free spirit. The folk law. The memories

Kind words

Kind words

“From our first meeting Brooke made us feel completely at home and comfortable, the whole process was seamless. Can not thank her enough for our photos, you know your photographer is great when you can’t choose which ones to get printed because they are all so amazing!!”